Dean/Cas Reverse Bang Wiki

General resources

Supernatural Wiki

Resources for writers

AO3 posting script (this is amazing, trust us)

Google Docs a free, browser-based word processor that can be used on the go with its corresponding mobile apps. Great for backing up your work, too.

Design resources

  • Canva - This is a browser-based design program. Easy to use if you're familiar with Adobe InDesign, but the learning curve isn't too steep. The free tier is pretty robust. iOS app also available.
  •  A browser-based image editor that offers many of Photoshop’s features and has a similar interface.
  • FontSquirrel - A collection of typefaces that can be used in any project--even commercial!

Resources for Moderators

Airtable - This is an affiliate link that supports the DCRB and the DCBB

Google Drive


Other Dean/Cas friendly challenges