General resources

Supernatural Wiki

Resources for writers

AO3 posting script (this is amazing, trust us)

Google Docs a free, browser-based word processor that can be used on the go with its corresponding mobile apps. Great for backing up your work, too.

How to make your images responsive on AO3

Design resources

  • Canva - This is a browser-based design program. Easy to use if you're familiar with Adobe InDesign, but the learning curve isn't too steep. The free tier is pretty robust. iOS app also available.
  •  A browser-based image editor that offers many of Photoshop’s features and has a similar interface.
  • FontSquirrel - A collection of typefaces that can be used in any project--even commercial!

Resources for Moderators

Airtable - This is an affiliate link that supports the DCRB and the DCBB

Google Drive


Other Dean/Cas friendly challenges

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